Hebrides Overture

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The concert overture The Hebrides (German: Die Hebriden), Op. 26, also known as Fingal's Cave (Die Fingalshöhle), was composed by Felix Mendelssohn in 1830. The piece was inspired by Mendelssohn's visit to Fingal's Cave on the island of Staffa, located in the Hebrides archipelago off the west coast of Scotland. As was common in the Romantic era, this is not an overture in the sense that it precedes a play or opera; it is a concert overture, a stand-alone musical selection, and has now become part of standard orchestral repertoire. The piece was dedicated to King Frederick William IV of Prussia (then Crown Prince of Prussia).
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Andere titels

Fingal's Cave, die Fingalshöhle, de:Die Hebriden, es:Las Hébridas, fr:Les Hébrides, it:Ouverture Le Ebridi, ja:フィンガルの洞窟, pl:Hebrydy, pt:As Hébridas, ru:Фингалова пещера увертюра