Cantate 4 (Cantata No. 4)

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"Christ lag in Todesbanden" is an Easter hymn by Martin Luther. Its melody is by Luther and Johann Walter. Both the text and the melody were based on earlier examples. It was published in 1524 in the Erfurt Enchiridion and in Walter's choral hymnal Eyn geystlich Gesangk Buchleyn. Various composers, including Pachelbel, Bach and Telemann, have used the hymn in their compositions.
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Christ lag in Todesbanden, Christ lay in death's bonds, de:Kantate 4, el:Καντάτα 4, fr:Cantate 4, ko:칸타타 번호 4, hr:Kantata 4, nl:Cantate 4, ja:カンタータ第4号, pl:Kantata 4, ru:Кантата 4, sr:Кантата 4, sv:Kantat 4, tr:Kantat 4, zh:康塔塔号4